Welcome to Trpanj

For those of you with rheumatic, female and/or similar problems, Trpanj can offer a unique blend of medically tested and proven sulphur-hydrogen rich sea-mud. This unique mélange is available at a particular inlet ("Blatze") that receives no wind and no waves from the open sea. Blatze healing sea-mud belongs to peloid group.

When these healing powers of sea-mud are combined with tranquility of the surrounding, Blatze part of Trpanj coast becomes an ideal place for healing, relaxation and rehabilitation. Of course, healthy people can also use healing treatments for the purpose of getting in a better shape and preserving their health. Trpanj is a place to spend your holiday if you love to meet local customs and local manifestations. Tourist Board of Trpanj organizes concerts, concerts of local vocal groups called klape and plays in the old town centre.